Retro Radio Tin Lunchbox

This one was a commission from a friend of mine (thanks Rentao!)

The box was actually a cookie tin from Costco (of all places – I actually saw some folks at flea markets trying to sell the same box as an actual vintage tin). I got it to make an instrument but had the added benefit of fudge cookies.

The neck is birch, similar in appearance and tone to maple, but more often used as a wood to make drums. Nut, bridge, and fingerboard are mahogany. Set up with Aquila brand nylgut strings.

My favorite thing about this instrument is the tuning machine piece. It was actually salvaged off of a mandolin that my parents had gotten on their honey moon. The mandolin was seldom played, mostly sat on the shelf as decor. However, my 4 year old nephew got a hold of it, which led to its demise. That allowed me to save the tuners and re-use them on this build.