Polish Tea Tin Ukulele

This was a fun little one to make–soprano scale length, with traditional-style neck (as opposed to my usual through-neck designs) hand carved of mahogany. The fingerboard is of lacewood, also occasionally called as leopard-wood or snakewood, with fret dots at my preferred frets: 5, 7, 12, 15; double dots on 7 and 12.

The headstock is a two layer veneer topped with flamed maple, while resting below the veneer is mahogany and maple, with gold geared tuning machines.

The body is a tea tin that I found in a grocery store while working on composing music for a theatre piece. The gold detail is embossed with a slightly raised surface.

Finishing touches include a rosewood nut, a mahogany bridge and tailpiece, a single strap button at the tail, gold frets, a rod piezo pickup installed underneath the bridge, and a nice, comfortably low action. Set up with Aquila nylgut strings.