Happy Red Fruit Ukulele

I love how this li’l guy turned out! He’s pretty tiny, only the length of my hand (maybe 6 or 7 inches long) so I made him a soprano scale with three strings. Tuned C-E-A like a ukulele with out the G string.

The neck is of walnut, narrow and comfortable to hold. The fingerboard is a yardstick with fret dots at 5 and 12, red to match the body. Bright blue binding around the fingerboard completes the look.

The back of the headstock features a beautiful piece of Monterey cypress from a 100 year old tree in San Diego that had fallen down. Gold geared tuning machines, a rosewood nut, and a brass and walnut bridge ad a touch of sophistication to the youthful design.

Set up with a nice low action with Aquila nylgut strings.


(The installed disc piezo pickup was faulty, so price has been marked down accordingly and is being listed as an acoustic-only instrument. Will repair upon request at purchase of instrument for an additional $25)