Album Release Show

Saturday 18 May 2019. 7 pm Sharp. The Hotel Cafe. 1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90028. $10 advance (+3.50 service charge =13.50 ’cause, you know, internet) $15 cash at door.


DRESS CODE: where a hat. Yeah, I mean it. And NO. Baseball caps do not count.

And someone is leaving this night with a handmade ukulele. More on that later.*

This is going to be a fun night! Guaranteed.

This will be our night. I want to make sure every single person who comes has a great time and leaves feeling inspired and uplifted, fully human and empowered to be their truest self.

There may be laughs. There may even be tears. But you can bet your @$$ there will be hugs and hi-fives and smiles.

I’ve been pouring so much of my time into writing and recording that this is actually my first full-length “Jakob Berger & his hat” show in OVER A YEAR AND A HALF.

Geeze…has it really been that long?

Yes. Yes it has.

Being able to share this means so much to me, and to have you there is of the UTMOST importance.


And damn, I’m proud of these songs.

TICKETS are cheaper in advance so nab ’em now.

A little backstory:

Fallen Sparrows, takes its name from Hamlet and augury (the ancient Roman practice of observing the flight paths of birds to divine or predict the future):“We defy augury.  There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow (V.ii).” The theme of Fallen Sparrows is this: we are all tasked with creating our own future, and though our actions will have consequences, we must persevere.

*So…about that ukulele: Gonna be raffling this puppy off (will post pictures soon). Here are some of the ways you can get raffle tickets:

  • come to the show
  • buy tickets in advance
  • mention your excitement for the show on social media
  • wear a hat
  • wear a particularly awesome hat
  • generally, just be a good human, you know?


See you soon!