There’s something you should know…

But before I get to that, let me give you the story

January of last year, I started writing. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It didn’t have to be a full song–maybe just a verse or a chorus, or melody, or even just a rhyming couplet–but I set the goal to chip away at making more music. And within a couple months I had enough material for a whole album.

So I set out recording everything at home.

There’s a funny thing that happens when you start recording–your best songs don’t necessarily become your best recordings, and your best recordings aren’t necessarily the best songs. What you think of as good becomes very subjective and things you loved becomes things you hate and things you hate become things you love.

There is a song on the new album that wouldn’t have existed without this recording process; a song I actually really like and was a go-to song for playing live just wasn’t translating well to the recordings…

So instead of fixing the recording, I just put it on pause and wrote an entirely new song. I hadn’t even finished writing it when I started recording it, it basically was writing it as I went along, adding a new section if I needed it.

It’s now one of my favorite recordings. And it will be the 2nd track on the album.

I’m doing this one right. Last album I did so much of the work myself, and I think it came out alright, but there was a steep learning curve, so this time I embraced help and am working with some humans who really know what they are doing.

Recording can get very expensive very quick. But I’m one for skill trading whenever possible, so I actually got to build an instrument as a form of payment–which is a double win for me since I love building instruments.

So I got to make a “mandocello,” which I hadn’t heard of before. But I successfully frankensteined one together from parts I had. I fell in love with it as an instrument, so after I shipped it off, I altered the design and built a modified version for myself. I’ll post pictures soon.


I’m planning to release a song a month, until all 10 songs are out, but there will be other ways for people to hear the full album before the whole thing is publicly available. If you’re interested to hear it as a complete album experience basically a year before everyone else can, make sure you’re on my mailing list.

Also have some music video ideas cooking that I’m really excited to get working on.

until then, much love