Back in the US of A

Hey folks!  I’m back.

We had a two-show run in Grotowski’s old space (you theatre nerds will appreciate that!), and spent the time leading up to it doing Georgian singing with our Polish counterparts from Teatr Zar, Aleksandra Kotecka & Tomasz Wierzbowski, who are some of my absolute favorite humans.

I may have broken a cajon by playing it too hard.

Also managed to find a neat little poster shop with some amazing art.  The store owner, Krzysztof, had a story for every poster in his shop.  We went there three days in a row.  They’ve got an online presence, so you can check them out here.  I got three posters and a ton of postcards by Ryszard Kaya–I love his style.

poster shop.jpg

I’m working on another theatre show with Scherzo now.  It goes up the first weekend of November, but Adam (middle in the photo above) is working on it with me, and he’s still in Europe, and we haven’t quite finished making it yet.  We work well under pressure and with deadlines, so this feels quite comfortable for us as a company.  Luckily I live with Kent (our other creator/performer), and Katie (all things tech) is in walking distance to us.  Should be a really interesting show.  Interesting in a good way.  If you like my music, you should checkout our theatre; you’d probably like it.  And if you don’t like my music, you should check out our theatre; you’d probably like it.  Tickets here.

YARN promo mockup - 21 Sept.jpg

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