To Poland!

Hey guys! I’m writing this amidst packing for Poland–I’m leaving for the airport in an hour to accompany the Ghost Road Company for an international presentation of their piece “Asterion.”

I really enjoy working with Ghost Road; they’re an ensemble-driven company, and the piece is created by the company members and other artists (of which I am one).  I got to write some cello music and cajon rhythms for the show, and have performed this piece with them several times as it has evolved over the years.

Last July we went to the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw to collaborate with Teatr Zar, learning some beautiful vocal melodies and adding them to the piece.  Then in November we got to perform the show in LA at the Getty Villa, with two of Teatre Zar’s members coming to join us.

Now we get to go to their turf to perform it again.  I’m excited to see our two collaborators–they are utterly amazing vocalists, and between the two of them, they also play cello and cajon, so we get to create a more intricate musical sound-space.

I’ll be back in late October, when I’ll be switching gears: my own physical theatre company (Scherzo) will be mounting a new show on November 3 and 4, so I’ll be gearing up for that.

In addition to that, I will be focusing on the completion of the hand-made pop-up CD cases.  I’ve got the first ten out in the world and into people’s hands, and folks have really enjoyed them, so I’m excited to have more of these out in the world shortly.  Pictures to come.

Anyway, I really need to finish packing.  Should probably find my passport, too…

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