New Album & Release Show – 30 Sept

I’ve been working on this for a while now, so I’m pretty excited to say that the day is nearly hear.  On the 30 of September my new album “Which Way is Up” will be out and available wherever it is that you consume music.

album art final

My friend Juan Charlie made the album art–I absolutely love his work.  You can check out more of his stuff here.

I will be doing an album release concert the same day at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, 7pm on the main stage.

And since you are on my website reading this I’ll let you in on a little secret (this is the only place I’ll be posting this info):

My album is actually out a week before, on 23 September.  I originally had scheduled the release show for that day, so I confirmed with my digital distribution company (the lovely folks who get me onto iTunes, Spotify, etc) that the 23rd of September was the release date.  However, I got a message from Hotel Cafe letting me know that we would be needing to reschedule, so reschedule we did!

However, the release date for the digital distribution remains the same.  I’m just not advertising that to the world.  Except here, to you.

So if you want to hear my music a week before it is “released,” go right ahead.

If you’re in Los Angeles, or near enough to it, come to the show! It will be a blast, and I’m raffling off a ukulele I built–you know, the soprano gourd one.  Wear a hat – hats get you free raffle tickets.  The more awesome the hat, the more tickets you get (for those who have no hats, I guess you could simply buy some raffle tickets, but hey, why buy it when you could just buy yourself a hat and get both? I’m just saying).  Tickets are only ten bucks, so get them here.

s gourd main

Other fun things to know:

I know CDs have been on the out since the invent of the mp3 player and the iPod entered this world, and Apple has announced it will be discontinuing the iPod in favor of the streaming subscription-based music world (so even the digital download is seeing its own slow decay), BUT for those dinosaurs out there–myself included–who still like hard copies of music, fret not.  There shall be an extremely small and limited edition run of CDs, with Juan Charlie’s artwork lovingly printed onto them by a cold hearted machine.

The CD cases, however, will not be lovingly printed by a cold-hearted machine, but rather be handcrafted and hand numbered by me.  I imagine the first few or so will be lovingly crafted, and by the time I get to the last few, probably less lovingly crafted, so try to nab one of the lower-numbered ones.  They’ll feature a wooden front face with screen printing of the album art by my friend Auberi, who shares the same birthday as me.  She’s an amazing artist who shares her work on Instagram, so take a peak here.  Right now I’m planning to make a pop-up-book-like interior with a linocut print I made of Juan Charlie’s collage.  So all in all, a lot of artistry is going into these and they should be absolutely beautiful if all goes accordion to plan (see what I did there?).