Ghost Road @ the Getty Villa

The Ghost Road Company presented their latest work,  Asterion, at the Getty Villa, 19 & 20 November 2016.  Music written and performed by Jakob Berger in collaboration with Tomasz Wierzbowski and Aleksandra Kotecka of Teatre Zar.

“Returning from a sort of exile, battle weary Asterion faces a strange homecoming full of veiled intentions and twisted familial bonds. In this world of shadows, he must face his demons as those closest to him fan the flames of his monstrousness.

Asterion is a visceral, physical, and poetic retelling, conceived by Katharine Noon, artistic director of The Ghost Road Company, and reflects the recent work of the ensemble with the Polish theater company Teatr ZAR. The work also includes two of its performers, Tomasz Wierzbowski and Aleksandra Kotecka. After traveling to Wroclaw, Poland to collaborate with Teatr ZAR in July, Ghost Road has returned to Los Angeles to present this new work that now incorporates new musical elements and polyphonic singing throughout the performance.”