Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble @ Skirball

The Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble presented Bipâyân to a full house at the Skirball Cultural Center, 14 Dec 2016.  Jakob Berger (& his hat) joined her onstage with his accordion, and for the screening of her new music video, Chitiri, which he participated in as both a musician and an actor.

“Chloe Pourmorady and her ensemble of dynamic musicians create an atmosphere of eclectic folk music at the Skirball Cultural Center.  This program titled “Bipâyân: Endless,” features Chloe’s instrumental and vocal compositions, as well as arrangements of collected folk songs in Ladino, Greek, Hebrew, Farsi, and Turkish

Joining Chloe will be the many talents of Daniel Raijman, Zack Lodmer, Liran Shalom Kohn, Alexander Meimand, Marcel Borbon, Jeffrey Steinberg, Ramin Abrams, Jerry Summers, Ava Nahas, Jakob Berger, Pontea Banayan, and Brigitte Bogle.”