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Jakob Berger (& his hat) is a California-native who champions the DIY mentality to a fault.  From ukuleles to the furniture in his humble Los Angeles home, these hand-crafted relics all tell the story of a person with a strong need for one thing: to create.

This gypsy-tinged indie-folk songwriter has been teaching himself a myriad of instruments for over a decade; starting on his dad’s old steel string guitar that was inherited from “Uncle Johnny,” Jakob has since been pouring all of his savings toward slowly accumulating instruments varying from accordion to cello, which culminated in a desire to craft his own instruments. Continue reading “Bio”


Jakob Berger (& his hat) has long been fascinated by musical instruments, and took the plunge into the study of lutherie at Palomar College in 2015, developing his skills as a woodworker by constructing his first electric guitar and ukulele.  In 2016 he was recognized by the State of California Senate for his achievements in stringed instrument building, and since then has been making simple percussion instruments and developing his lunchbox ukuleles.  Every instrument on this page was handmade by Jakob.

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Collaborations with Evan Freed, Chloe Pourmorady, and Kent Jenkins (a.k.a Snubby J):